Delivering valuable insight with actionable intelligence

Leveraging advanced machine learning against satellite data and space-based imagery provides broad-perspective intelligence for unmatched breadth and operational capability.

    About Us

    At SynMax, our mission is simple. We aim to solve your biggest intelligence challenges by delivering the insight needed for public and private organizations to make data-backed decisions for their operations. We source satellite data and imagery from a vast network of aerospace resources and pair it with our proprietary AI to identify, track, and assess an array of data characteristics - ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of vessel movement at sea and energy infrastructure on land.

    Our team is a unique blend of experienced data scientists and remote sensing specialists working alongside UK/US intelligence professionals from various backgrounds, including Air Force, Navy, Special Forces, and Law Enforcement. Our key accelerant comes from fusing real-world subject matter experts with a group of in-house hedge fund professionals - using our collective experience in qualitative analytics to turn large and diverse data sources into strategic insight and actionable intelligence.

    Decision-makers need answers, not just data that prompts further questions. We have a depth of experience in data triage ranging from evaluating multi-million dollar investments to prioritizing and tasking intervention for hundreds of threats to life. We know what’s required to make critical decisions because we’ve been there.

    Cur divinare cum scire potes

    Why guess when you can know


    Dark Ship Detection

    We provide broad-scale ocean surveillance and vessel-specific intelligence at scale, with the goal of delivering enough satellite data to monitor every corner of the ocean - no matter how isolated. Our proprietary, hardware-agnostic AI uses remote sensing from multiple sources and seamlessly integrates them into existing workflows, providing unmatched global-scale vessel monitoring. We apply our experience to provide maritime solutions for IUU fishing, human trafficking, illicit ship-to-ship transfers, and vessel spoofing.

    Fracking Intelligence in the USA

    SynMax knows where all the well pads in the United States are, which ones have drilling rigs, and which ones are fracking. We compile a library of data for all well pads in preparation for natural gas extraction. We package that with over 10,000 satellite images every week to ensure we see as close to 100% of the rigs and frac crews as possible. We also determine who the operator is so that you can track what E&P companies are doing. With this information our clients don’t have to guess when making their trades, they already know.

    LNG Shipment Intelligence

    The SynMax LNG Flow Monitor offers LNG trade customers valuable insight into where global LNG carriers are coming from, where they’re heading to, and how much LNG is on each shipment. Near real-time data allows LNG traders to make informed decisions - before the global market is aware of shifts in availability, flow, or price.

    Ukraine Energy Intelligence

    SynMax has built a program to track the energy industry in Ukraine. Power plants, pipe lines, fuel storage tanks, and related infrastructure are being monitored for damage and online capabilities constantly. This visual tool is constantly updated with alerts and has an online chat to share and confer with other users.

    Customer Solutions

    Analyst Reports

    Ask us any question, strategic or tactical, about your area of interest. In addition to being part of the team that built SynMax’s maritime capabilities, our analysts are highly experienced in SAR, optical and hyperspectral satellite imagery, and a variety of other analytical disciplines. We use every available avenue to answer your questions, and we go the extra mile to solve your biggest challenges.

    Focused Capability Access

    We work with our customers to establish key geographic areas for their analysts, and we provide access to a complete suite of proprietary analytical tools and training for their team. Further, you can task our analysts with up to 4 Requests for Information (RFI’s) per month for each solution. RFI’s can be specific to any maritime topic, similar to targeted analytical reports - the only exception is that our vetted analysts work in coordination with your team on shared problems.

    Full Capability Access

    Your analysts will have full access to our capabilities, accompanied by a dedicated SynMax analyst for collaboration and support. This option provides a substantial strategic advantage to any company or agency working.

    We’re happy to discuss your project’s requirements and tailored solutions for any demand that falls outside of the scope of our standard services.

    Leadership at SynMax

    Bill Perkins



    Energy trader, hedge fund manager and venture capitalist with decades of experience.

    Brendan Moore

    Chief Executive Officer


    Security and Intelligence expert with experience in government operations and analysis.

    Eric Anderson

    Chief Technology Officer


    Experienced data analyst with expert knowledge in data modeling, AI, neural networks, team building.



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